Discovery Unknown


Welcome to my website. This is were I hope the magic continues that you brought with you. Feel free to nose around the links and pages to see what is out there. I blog (in the writings page), I have a store (amazon store mainly paranormal based books and stuff), and a page to report a sighting you may of had or a friend had, There is also a youtube page with my youtube videos for you to get lost in.
Here is a little bit about myself. I am a Marine Corp Veteran with a tour in Iraq, a bartender, an outdoor enthusiast, amateur paranormal investigator. I do a lot of studying on all aspects of the paranormal, such as cryptids, ufo's and the supernatural. 
I have a great interest in the paranormal and all other aspects of the unknown.
Pictures of some of my other investigations i been on and location i been to are on my facebook page: Discovery Unknown Paranormal Or you can find me on twitter: @moquinnjr.  Feel free to join and share your information and adventures.
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