This video starts off getting an EVP (electric voice phenomena, no one knows what causes them) saying wah-see-chu, which means either,  bringer of the fat, or taker of the fat, But current meaning is white person to the Dakota Sioux. It was caught in Sica hollow state park in north east south Dakota right on my camcorder.
The shut up EVP has a bunch of F-bombs in it so be careful around kids. The EVP was caught in the basement of Sauk Center Minnesota’s Palmer House during a paranormal event that I attended there. The actual EVP was caught on a voice recorder that was in my little group and when played back you can hear it on the camcorder. So let me know what you think and if you like it, share it. MO


Almost a couple years back now, in January of 2013 I was in the St Louis Mo. area and wanted to check out the McPike mansion. I called ahead and was told that I couldn’t go inside the mansion but I can walk around the property.  So I went and checked it out. The drive up to the mansion is a easy one if you follow the directions, but the mansion comes up quick so pay attention when your close because you might miss it. Parking is in the house next door’s driveway.

Once I got there I was in shock at the condition of the building. I can see why they need to restore it. I thought when I was going there that there was windows and solid floors. Was I ever fooled. It was run down, with the doors and windows that are within reach being boarded up, so someone couldn’t squeeze inside, but the massiveness of the building is quite impressive. I hope the owners do raise enough money to restore the mansion to glory.

I had hoped that I could walk around inside and do a little bit of investigating but I wasn’t able to. I was able to walk around the outside of the building and take pictures of the outside and what i can reach of the inside. I put in a small picture gallery below to show you what it looked like when I was there. I couldn’t see anything in the windows or anywhere, but I could of missed something.

If your looking for more information about the McPike Mansion or want to donate to the restoration fund, here is the official website of the mansion:

It was a great experience that I do want to look into more. I want to get inside and see if i can find out what is happening at the McPike Manson. I didn’t have much information to write about this time but I hope you enjoyed what I did write about. If you have questions for me you can go to facebook and find me at: Discovery Unknown Paranormal or on twitter: @moquinnjr

Route to the Front gate of Area 51

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On my very first trip to skywatch outside of the area known as area 51 i read maps, done online research, and watched shows and youtube videos that showed the area around area but no real visual directions on how to get to the main gate. I wanted better visuals on what to expect when i went there.

On my third trip to skywatch i decided to create video of the road to the main gate. I start before the extraterrestrial highway starts to give you an easier idea of what the terrain looks like. I do point out about the free range in the video. There are cows that walk around, mainly at night and they do get hit. So be carefull if you decide to head up that way.

My video creation skills are in the beginning stages but you’ll get a idea on what you want to…

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I’m sure by now you have been looking online and seen tons of video and pictures of peoples experiences of the area around area 51. Well I’m going to add to it. On my third trip to the area, I am happy to say it was more than eventful. There was action all over the place from our viewing point in the parking lot of Camp Fire Hill. Maybe a half mile from the front gate.

I will start at the beginning, the first pic I have is facing West through the mountains that go to Rachel on the ET highway. It is the first view of Groom Lake Road, which is the gravel road that leads to the main gate of area 51.


The next pic is at the start of Groom Lake Road. It is a long and dusty ride down this road. It is worth it though.


Just a warning if you plan on headed out this way, BE CAREFUL. It is an open range which means that there are no fences and cattle can roam freely. Cattle generally stay away during the day but as you can see in the next pic, it’s not always true.


When it comes to night time driving the cows are very, very hard to see. There have been accidents where cows have been hit by people driving down the road. So be careful, slow down and don’t tempt fate.


Well finally, I’m getting to the sky-watching part. For the night pics what i did was put my DSLR camera on a shutter speed of 5 minutes and I would face the camera in a direction and click the button and let it sit until the picture was done.

In the next pic you can see the lights of area 51 over Freedom Ridge. If you notice there isn’t anything out of the ordinary in this picture. I think it’s a cool looking picture but that is just me.


In this pic you can see an orange light just above the Joshua tree in the middle. The light is a little oblong which is caused by  having the shutter open on my camera for so long. The light in the picture would go back and forth above what I imagine to be the base itself. It could maybe be a sort of surveillance craft watching the immediate area around the base. Maybe just a “decoy” of sorts because when the light was circling the base there was action to the North, East and South of our location by Campfire Hill.


This next picture is hard to explain. You can see the stars because they are stationary and are a round and solid light. In person, the ‘squiggly’ looking lights looked like you took a bunch of LED lights, put them together and flew them around. The anomalous lights started from the East coming over the mountain range (from the first picture) and when the lights appeared, 2 fighter jets came flying from the West and flew over the mountains towards them. The “LED lights”, I’m going to call them, disappeared for a short time then reappeared and slowly flew as if they were hovering and gradually went from the East and worked their way to the base. It took approximately a half hour for this to happen. We didn’t see the jets after they flew over the mountain range.


To the north of our Campfire Hill location, there were flashes of light over the mountains as if there were explosions going off, but there was no sound. I once watched a documentary, I can’t remember which one, but the person who was interviewed said, “it looked like a war was going on around me”, I thought he was nuts. Turns out that he was right. When everything was going on it was quite exciting and it was like a war.

So when we were watching the “LED lights” the flashing started happening and then just to the North a bright orange light appeared out of nowhere. It looked to me like a flare. Or at the least the flares we had when I was in the Marine Corps. The major difference was that after it was lit or turned on it didn’t move left or right, or fell to the ground and lasted 15 seconds or so. I turned my camera in that direction in hopes of catching something and I pushed the button and then it happened.

The flare looking light came back and moved into two lights, then into three. I have never seen a military flare do that. It was an exciting event. All 3 lights have the same brightness and appearance. There was no sound. The oblong shape in pictures are do to the shutter being open 5 minutes.


Before we left the area, we swung threw Alamo. Parked by the high school is the bus that hauls area 51 and security employees on and off base.


Well, that is all I have for now. I hope you enjoyed it and found it interesting and/or useful in your research. If you have questions for me you can go to facebook and find me at: Discovery Unknown Paranormal or on twitter: @moquinnjr.

On my very first trip to skywatch outside of the area known as area 51 i read maps, done online research, and watched shows and youtube videos that showed the area around area but no real visual directions on how to get to the main gate. I wanted better visuals on what to expect when i went there.

On my third trip to skywatch i decided to create video of the road to the main gate. I start before the extraterrestrial highway starts to give you an easier idea of what the terrain looks like. I do point out about the free range in the video. There are cows that walk around, mainly at night and they do get hit. So be carefull if you decide to head up that way.

My video creation skills are in the beginning stages but you’ll get a idea on what you want to know.

I was trying my video editing chops and decided to take a tour with jeff belanger from 30 odd minutes and of the basement of the haunted Palmer House in Sauk Center Minnesota. The video was filmed during an event at the Palmer House. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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I have a rough draft of some of my thoughts toward god’s, ghost’s, alien’s and other things. I am far from done but this is what i have so far. There are a couple parts to this that i don’t have worded right, but you can get a feeling for what i’m trying to say. So take a looksy and let me know what you think. MO




Do you watch ghost shows and wonder what their really looking for? How about having your own ghostly experience? Do you believe in a god or gods? Well I think I may have a plausible answer for you. It’s an all-natural answer that can explain how the world works and we just fooled ourselves into believing that there is a god or gods, and ghosts. After the next few paragraphs to state some facts to start my theory then I’ll hit my reasoning.

In the history of the world there were supercontinents that date back to 3.6 billion years ago. The latest supercontinent was Pangaea and is the most popular. Pangaea formed around 300 million years ago and started breaking up approximately 200 million years ago. What I’m getting at is the world has been around for a long time and has a lot of “energy” attached to it.

There are 2 kinds of electricity, static and current. There are 2 types of current electricity as well AC and DC. Static electricity is when one object gets negatively charged and another object gets positively charged.

The oldest known human ancestor is a mere 1.98 million years ago. The fossils were found in South Africa. There is speculation that homo habilis dates back to 2.33 million years ago, but is also debatable if it’s a human ancestor.

There are 5 major extinctions that date back to 450 million years ago. There are also 19 lesser extinctions that date all the way back to 2.4-4.6 billion years ago. Although, these may not be total extinctions but the major extinctions have destroyed up to 75% of all species.



The earth has been known to store electrical energy with proof being lightening, and static electricity from randomly rubbing objects together. The energy is stored in the oceans and lakes, the rocks, woods, air and clouds. Kind of like a huge battery that we’re living in.

Ghosts and spirits thrive on energy it’s what helps them manifest. What cause’s this energy? I think we did over the course of millions of years. Back when humans were created there was no “intelligent energy” just pure energy. Humans started learning things like fire, the wheel, farming, and other basic things in life to improve their culture. This learning process started causing energy to become intelligent or as intelligent as it can be. When a person dies what is currently believed to be a soul which is really intelligent energy gets absorbed in the earth and moved onto the next person. Over the course of a million years the energy became really intelligent from the retention of the knowledge from the previous people. This is currently known as reincarnation.

The energy of a person can be stored in various ways, in rocks, dirt of the earth, or the clouds, and the air in the sky.



Many years ago, in recent human history, the intelligent energy would “talk” to the people. The people didn’t have knowledge of such things so they thought the voices must be a god. Voices from the sky energy (clouds, air, and atmosphere) are probably what made people call it Zeus, the god of sky. The energy from water or the ocean became Poseidon. Basically the location of the energy storage is where the people would associate with a type of god. Pan the god of the wild that energy is stored in the earth in rocks and trees and maybe even animals.

The intelligent energy that compelled Moses to walk in the desert for years was probably the energy that made people of the time think that it was the current Christian god. The energy was and still around that area to make the people believe that god is there. I think that the energy takes shape to the area or a past person that possessed the energy before.

The sky gods (or sky energy) would use thunder and lightning to scare others to create fear among the mortals.

The Native Americans thought the divine came from the earth. Maybe the energy was the intelligent energy stored in the rocks, trees and maybe even eagles or other animals.

Intelligent energy, which may be considered a god or god-like, maybe able to use the electrical energy from the surrounding area and speak to people. The people that heard these voices from out of nowhere thought that an actual god was talking to them.




As I said earlier there are 2 main types of electricity and 2 main subtypes. What I’m thinking is if the good energy or gods, are positively charged static electricity then demons are negatively charged static electricity.

Demons also can be the intelligent energy from bad people. The intelligence could be influenced more by the negative attitude and when the person passes on the energy keeps going and moves to the nearest object that can store energy till it finds a way to get to where it wants to go.




One theory out there is that ancient aliens were considered gods or godlike to the ancient people. Well what really are aliens? If you look at artist renderings of what the first humans look like millions of years ago to what we look like now and our differences in intelligence. That gives me an idea of what they could be. The modern human is estimated to start off 1.98 million years ago, although there were supercontinents that date back to 3.6 billion years ago. What if, on these first supercontinents there was undocumented humans and over the course of 100’s of millions of years they evolved and got technology beyond our belief then flew off this planet to a planet out in the universe. During this time that they were gone our planet has gone through mass extinctions that didn’t effect their evolution any.

After the aliens flew off and discovered their own planet and inhabited it, they continued to evolve until they look like they currently do. Over the years they lost track of their earth history and left their planet for exploration and discovered earth. They now study earth and us to see if we can help out their civilization.


Astral Projection


Astral projection is when someone takes their “astral” body out of their physical body and move around. What if, this astral projection is when someone knows how to control their intelligent energy and move it out of their body and move it around to where they want to?


Out-of-body Experiences


As with astral projection, OBE is when the intelligent energy leaves the physical body, but not controlled or planned. Mainly, when the physical body passes on. When someone that has an OBE and they see relatives and other people that have passed on, I feel that they see the intelligent energy of that person or people.





Atlantis, Piri Reis map and other unexplainable mysteries


The earth is billions of years old. There have been billions of years of energies that move about. What if Atlantis was a real place? A place that, what we call aliens now, or the undocumented humans from prior super-continents have created and during one of earths mass-extinctions was destroyed.

The Piri Reis map, that documents the western coast of Europe, Africa, the Brazilian coast, and possibly the American coast. All the documentation before the lands were officially explored. What if the coasts and lands were already discovered, explored and documented. Then when the explorers passed on the intelligent energy was reincarnated into Piri Reis or his map maker and threw intelligent energy intervention they were able to create accurate maps.

I feel that other unexplainable mysteries can be actually explained with “intelligent energy” in all forms. Whether it’s god’s, demon’s, ghost’s, or aliens. Things that we as mortals can’t figure out with all our education.

I been doing some thinking. What if a soul grows over time and a vessel can have more then one. Meaning eons ago before the wheel was invented and fire was created and humans were dumb grass eating hominids is when the first souls were born. Then when the vessel that the soul was in passed on then the soul moved onto another vessel and carried on some of the intelligence from the previous vessel. Not all of it but a piece of the intelligence. And this leap frogging type of intelligence happened till humans got so “intelligent” that we had discovered the south pole, created a place called atlantis, and maybe even some sort of energy vortexes of some sort in areas are the bermuda triangle and the devils triangle.

Then a big bang happened of some sort. Then all the written information lost, BUT the soul stayed. Over the years starting thousands of years ago the souls that didn’t get destroyed or moved into a new “realm” started taking vessels over again. This time the souls had more intelligence then before and when vessels like plato had one or more of these souls that were around during the time of atlantis. Piri Reis can be another one of these multi-soul people. With the accurate mapping antarctica before it was discovered.

This part so far is just a rough draft. I’m going to think farther into my theory. So stay tuned MO

On a trip to las vegas i decided to take a trip to the famous area 51. On the way there we took the extraterrestrial highway. Highway 375.


After a short 3 hour drive from the lights of Las Vegas I finally made it to the little town of Rachel Nevada. It is a nice little desert town with a restaurant that is probably the most famous little restaurant out there. The little Ale’ Inn. The restaurant has books, and other area 51 based trinkets you can purchase. So after taking a bunch of pictures, doing some shopping and eating we left and drove south 20 miles or so to groom lake road.

ImageComing from the north there is a entrance marked with a mailbox. Commonly known as the black mailbox, but is currently white.


After turning onto the gravel roads going to the gates of area 51 you notice that there is NOTHING around. Then you get closer to the gates, (you can’t see them till you get close to them) you can start to see the Cammo dudes (Area 51 Security). Then as you get farther down the road the security trucks get more visible then you come around the mountain and there is the gates of area 51. The cammo dudes up on a hill watching down.



After taking some pictures and looking around (not crossing the line) left the front gate and went to an area about a half mile away called campfire hill for a little bit of sky watching.

About every hour or so the cammo dudes would drive out and park out by the entrance for about a minute or so trying to scare us off, then they would drive back to their post on the hill.

After dark about 5-10 minutes or so after the cammo dudes came out and spotlighted us there was a orange glowing floating light to the south of campfire hill that floated over the mountain towards area 51. The light resembled the jet exhaust from a jet plane but the way the light floated instead of traveled makes it a mystery to me. The only other occurrence we saw was a falling star, but nothing out of the ordinary.

The ride home was long. It was dark, and we can see the lights of vegas a long ways out in the desert. I plan on a return trip to area 51 in the near future and hope that it is as eventful and fascinating as the first time.

I went on a little legend trip and found a place during some online research. The place i found was by forest city minnesota. The description of this mysterious place on the website: is:
If you go threw forest city be sure to get on road 330 and then turn on 660. Bring your level with you. Drive down the road a hundred feet and check the road, it should be perfectly level. Now turn your car around and put it in neutral. Your car will get pulled backwards on a perfectly level road. People also get headaches on this road.
I checked it out and the car does roll backward, didn’t get a headache or even felt different. I didn’t have a level with me so i took my pop out to get a little idea of how level it is. The road when you turn on 660 is a slight down grade and levels off around a hundred feet for about 20-30 feet or so then continues a downgrade. It seemed to me that the level part of the road was too short and the car’s front or rear wheels reached off the level potion to the non-level part and rolled. I don’t feel that there is any paranormal phenomena happening here. I took pictures of the area and the road to give you a idea of what it looks like. I took a screen shot of my gps if you wanna go and check this location out for yourself. I feel that this location is merely a local legend.



Forest City Minnesota is approximately 20-25 miles SW of St Cloud at the intersection of Minnesota state 24 and county road 2. So when you bored and you want to do some legend tripping go and check this place out and let me know what you think. MO